Welcome to Texas Southbound Tours LLC

Welcome to Texas Southbound Tours LLCWelcome to Texas Southbound Tours LLCWelcome to Texas Southbound Tours LLC

MIKE:   806-831-9342

ALEX:   806-535-4328

office:  806-263-4546

Dates for upcoming trips to Acuña, Mexico

We will be offering new trips as soon as 

travel restrictions are lifted.  We look forward 

to you traveling with us. 

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Let us be your guide

Enjoy a comfortable enjoyable ride to Ciudad Acuna.

Come ride in comfort to the beautiful & exciting city of Acuna, Mexico.  Let us be your guide.

Come ride in comfort to the beautiful Ciudad Acuna, Mexico.  


Let's have some fun!

drug prices

all medication prices are subject to change

drug prices

drug prices

drug prices

Sample prices subject to change

drug prices

These are a sample of the generic drugs available. there are also name brand drugs available. prices are subject to change.



Our Service

We offer customers a safe comfortable round or one way trip to Del Rio, TX.  We own and operate a 15 passenger van in Acuña, fully insured in Mexico.  We use this van to take you to appointments, dining, tours and wherever you need to go at no additional cost to you! We have access to the best Doctors, Dentists, Restaurants, Pharmacies and Nightclubs.  


Round trip    $250

One way trip      $125

Senior and Veteran discounts available

This is a tobacco free vehicle. 


What do I need to be able to cross into Mexico?

A valid passport.

Is it safe in Acuna?

Acuna is the safest city in Mexico.

Dental Pricing

Root Canal                                  $200

Filling                                           $40

Metal Crown                                $100

Porcelain Crown                           $180

Denture Set                                 $500

Implants     Contact us for discount prices                  

Passport information

There are several places in Lubbock, TX where you can apply for a passport.

Lubbock County District Clerk     904 Broadway  Lubbock, TX         806-775-1314

TTU Office of International Affair 601 Indiana Ave Lubbock, TX     806-742-3667

Post Offices:

Monterey    Station                             5014 Gary Ave   Lubbock, TX       806-795-0836

Lubbock Downtown Station                411 Ave L  Lubbock, TX                  806-744-3802

Items needed for Passport Application:

Evidence of US Citizenship

Proof of Identity

Photocopy of the identification document

One recent passport photo

The Post Office locations can also help with the passport photo.  

You can check the status of your passport online at:

Contact Us

Drop us a line!

Texas Southbound Tours LLC

1992 County Road 236, Post, TX 79356, US

Mike: 806-831-9342 Alex: 806-535-4328 Office: 806-263-4546


Let us know how we did.


Greg Moore Greg Moore
Mike and Alex I want to thank you both for such a wonderful trip this  past weekend. I love you Bus it was such a relaxing trip and what  outstanding host you two are. I have had trouble with my arthritis for  the past 8 years and Mike made me an  appointment with doctor Manuel Martinez he spent well over an hour with  me asking several questions about my arthritis and general health. He  changed my medication and scheduled me a follow up appointment for  November. Thanks to Mike and Alex and all there connections in Acuna  they Introduced me to Mr. Juan Munoz who owns a pharmacy there and after  my doctor visit he stayed open late to fill my prescriptions and let me  tell you he save me a ton of money on my medications. The hotel Villa  Real and Mr. Carlos Villareal the owner where outstanding he made it a  point to introduce himself and told me if I needed anything to let him  know. Well the staff there was so kind and professional i don't see how  anyone could have a complaint. The room was perfect and housekeeping was  beyond my expectation, these people work there butt's off to make sure  you are taken care of. The restaurant's we ate at were exceptional the  food was great and the service was outstanding. I had friends and family  asking me if it was safe in Acuna Mexico, well let me tell you its  safer over there than it is here in Lubbock. The whole time I was there  everyone that passed me spoke to me, the people there are so welcoming.  Mike and Alex introduced everyone on the tour to several of there  friends while we were there it made me feel right at home while I was  there.I highly recommend this trip to anyone who needs medical, dental  services, or medications or if you just want a great weekend away.My  arthritis is already getting better with change in medications. Special  thanks to Doctor Victor Manuel Clement Martinez for helping me with my  arthritis, and Mr.Juan Munoz for helping me with my medications. Mike  and Alex thank you for introducing me to Acuna Mexico I will be ready to  go back for another great trip in November.